Net Carb Count Food List

100 Gram (3.5 oz) Net Carb Count List

Carb Count Excel Sheet

Okay, so when counting carbs as part of a low carb way of eating (woe), we would generally need to know how many carbs are in a thing, especially if we’re using a calorie/carb tracker app like My Fitness Pal.


The hard part about this is that carb counts in foods are really more like playing horseshoes than darts, because carbs can vary from one onion to another, or from one carrot to another, etc.  Size, weight, ripeness and other factors all affect just how exactly many carbs are in a thing.

That being said, having at least a “close enough” number is helpful in keeping our carbs more or less within our limits.  So the girls and I have been working on compiling a list of food items, and their NET carb counts. What is a net carb count?  It’s where you subtract the grams of fiber from the overall grams of carbs.  There’s a really good discussion of this over at SF Gate.

Please note that we aren’t perfect and you may find that your counts differ from ours. We used the internet to find these carb counts, so we’re just collating what others have calculated. We color coded the list, so that green is 10 carbs and under, and easier to fit into a Keto way of eating (woe).  Red has the highest carbs (take a look at the grain/alternatives tab and you’ll see what we mean about high carb counts.

You can click on the image above or go directly to the excel sheets here: Carb Count List.


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