Low Carb & Crafts

That pretty much says it all.  Every Monday night, we get together and try new recipes, work on craft projects, and enjoy each other’s company.  Some of us are close and some are across the country, but the Craft Night Girls have been getting together weekly since 2008.

Craft night began out of a need for space.  Margo was working on sewing a quilt, and her apartment didn’t have enough room on the living room floor to lay it out.  So she asked if she could bring it to Charlene’s house to work on.  That began a weekly get-together on Monday nights, where Charlene cooks dinner for the girls who come over, and everyone brings their own craft project to work on.  (Or not.  Sometimes just sharing each other’s company is enough, no project needed.)

In January 2017, Katie, Charlene, and Margo decided to go on a low carb diet together.  We’ve been testing recipes from library books, websites, and creating Pintrest boards to catalog everything.  Pintrest is awesome — but it doesn’t give alot of room for commentary on a recipe.  This blog gives us the ability to post recipes we’ve tried, what we liked and didn’t like about them, and generally chat in an informal way about the recipe.

Our craft projects are kinda like that, too.  Sometimes we’re following a pattern or instructions, and other times we’re just winging it.  You can see our successes and failures as we go along.  So we invite you to join us, maybe on your own Monday night, to see what we’ve been creating in our kitchens and living rooms.


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